Wednesdays at 7:00 PM at Wodanstraße 59, 40961 Nürnberg

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Prophetic prayer means we can pray exactly what is in the heart of God. The requirement is to be in close communion with Him and to allow the Holy Spirit to reveal to us the Father needs. The difference prophetically listening to God is that we do not focus on our own needs and what revolves around ourselves, but we focus our prayers on the interests of the Lord. When we also pray for each other we want to know God's perspective, and how He will lead us to an exit or to the expected healing.

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born-again Christians and come together because we are hungry for God, learn Him more deeply know and want to meet Him together.

WE WANT to crown Jesus Christ

in the center of our meeting and worship Him "in spirit and in truth". We want to hear what the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit tells us or shows and do this. May still be quiet and wait for the manifest glory of God.

Stefan and Horacio

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Wodanstraße 59,

90461 Nürnberg